Why Hire Brokers

Brokers Save You Money and Time and Get Higher Quality Vehicles

As professional auto brokers, wew2children find quality new and used cars, trucks and SUVs for clients in Denver, Colorado &  all across the continental United States.  We operate as buyer’s agents for our clients, looking out for your best interest, distinctly different from what you may be used to buying from dealerships. We provide the service of finding you the right vehicle, negotiate the best price and assure the best quality. We do not own inventory that we need to move (push on buyers) and we don’t hire anyone with dealership experience.  We custom find the vehicle that is perfect for you.

FerrariDRIVINGSome buyers know exactly which vehicle they want and we locate it, but most of our clients come to us just knowing what they want from the vehicle, e.g. good gas mileage, how much passenger seating or cargo room, whether they need AWD or 4WD, automatic or manual, etc, and we help them figure out which vehicles best suit those needs and then locate them.  Our approach is very different from old school dealership sales, we don’t tell folks what to do but lay out the pros and cons of the different choices, providing clients with the necessary information so they can make their own informed choices.  We guarantee the quoted prices, there is no haggling and no surprising fees.

Sabina Clemens Photo -Sabina Clemens is  the Principal Broker and Owner of Conifer Cars.   She has 20 years of experience in Competition Driving (Race Car Driving), Automotive Consulting,  Motorsports Journalism and Motorsports Marketing.

We provide services for clients across the country, our offices are located in Conifer, CO.  and we are licensed through The Car Guy LLC.


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